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[Looking to HIRE] Website developer (PHP, CMS, etc)


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Hello all, I currently started a project about a year and a half ago, and looking to finish it up. I will be running a MMORPG game, that I hope to go live with in about 2 weeks. Because of the pressure I have with everything else, I'm in the need of the following....



Website / CMS / PHP Developer (I guess an all-in-one?)

Someone who wants to have fun with this, and loves gaming.



I'm currently looking for someone who is into MMORPG / RPG games, because we know that the website must be very user friendly, and very attractive to make players not only wanna play the game, but enjoy there time on the website. The website will also look, if i can explain this correctly, very anime-type style. I have images from the game, and also game art which can be used. Looking for someone immediately. I have a budget for this project, but will pay good for a top notch website. If you can, please contact me via skype or email, and I will get to you as soon as possible. Skype is your best bet, and I prefer this method so we can talk person to person, and go over all the detail in one shot.


Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon!!!!!











Contact me anytime. I'm logged on Skype all day/everyday.

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