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One time job: developer for simple web app needed

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I have a simple idea for a webapp I would like to pay someone to develop for my small business.

It's a system for tracking "one off" orders we get.

Basically at the moment we use paper notes. Problems with this:-

- They get lost
- In 6 months time if the customer wants to reorder, you have to take the customer's details again, which isn't very professional
- If I remember I've taken an order for something I can't do anything about it (i.e. let my colleagues know) until I'm next at work.
etc etc

I wanted built a web app (basically a webpage front end to a as yet non-existent database) which would allow us to log these items and then have a search/query function where we would look through:-
"open orders" "closed orders" "orders awaiting collection" etc

offers to mefijob@forward.cat



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