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[Full time] PHP Full Stack Developer, LONDON, UK

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You: As a PHP expert, you find the prospect of building yet another brochure-ware website distressing; you want to get your hands dirty building an advanced, MVC based application in a fun and supportive environment where you will be constantly challenged, always learning and delivering a product used by millions of people every day.

Our company was founded and is managed by developers who wrote the original software the company was built upon; the technical team are the core of our business. As a member of that team, it will be you who decides upon the on-going development of our technical stack as well as the product itself. You will of course have complete control over your workstation.


Our stack:




  • A passion for programming, solving problems and building software customers love.
  • Experience building web-based applications as distinct from brochure-ware websites.
  • An expert in OOP/MVC/ORM programming techniques and PHP (v5.3+) frameworks. We happen to use Symfony2 but any relevant experience is fine.
  • You can bend MySQL to your will.
  • Solid front-end development experience with XHTML, CSS, and Javascript. Our stack includes AngularJS, CoffeeScript, jQuery and LESS.
  • An appreciation for a beautiful GUI and excellent user experience.
  • Expectation of a fast moving, agile environment. We ship code to customers daily – we’d expect you contribute from day 1.
  • You can validate your skills for example with source code samples, a github profile, contributions to an open source project, developer blog, stackoverflow answers etc.

What you will do:

  • Design (with help) and develop new channels for our software. In particular we are looking at apps using twilio (for voice/sms), facebook and twitter as well as a web based screensharing tool.
  • Integrate our software into other 3rd party applications. This could both be via APIs (salesforce, jira, 37signals) or through digging directly into the source code (sugarCRM, xenforo etc).
  • Continue improve and refine our existing channels and product. We are never satisfied and always looking for that small improvement, refactor or redesign that can increase usability, speed and functionality for our customers.
  • Work on our backend systems including internal developer tools and deployment processes, our SaaS application stack or the tools we have to manage our business.
  • Work on our mobile apps, built using our API / HTML5 and PhoneGap

About us:

Our principle product is DeskPRO, the helpdesk software platform. We make it easy for organisations (companies – large and small, charities, public sector organisations) to communicate with their users via email, twitter, facebook, SMS, web forms, live chat (text and voice) as well as providing publishing self-help tools, sales management, co-working tools and community based question and answers. DeskPRO is a platform where customers install the helpdesk applications they need to manage their business.

We sell this software to a range of organisations including large companies (e.g. Tumblr, Xerox, T-mobile, Fujitsu, Valve Software and AT&T) universities and the public sector all the way through to small family businesses. We have a dual license model; selling licenses to software installed on our clients’ servers (we don’t encrypt the code – so your code will get read!) and offering a fully managed SaaS solution. Millions of people use our software every day and a lot of agents spend their whole working day using it constantly.


What we offer:

  • Competitive salary based upon experience.
  • Friendly work environment at the Innovation Warehouse in Farringdon: http://theiw.org/.
  • 30" monitor and control over your workstation setup. No corporate bureaucracy here.
  • A mixture of autonomy over your role and real responsibilities to the team and business.
  • Varied work. The DeskPRO product is large with lots of modules and technologies.
  • Review our source code before even applying; just ask and we will add you to our github account. Never accept a job until you have seen the code you will be working with.
  • We plan to have a lot of fun on this journey – please bring a sense of humour.


Please send your CV and either a link to your online profile, github account or some sample source code to: jobs@deskpro.com

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