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Need help with PHP project for local company, happy to pay

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Hi Guys,


I'm actually a .net programmer, but was asked by a local company to make some improvements / add new features to an internal web app they use to help them manage their project pipeline.


I've been working with them for about a year and learning PHP as I go along. The site was originally built in house by a keen programming hobbyist so between him and me the code is probably a bit non-standard.


I'm looking for an experienced PHPer (with the usual web dev addons: JS/JQuery, CSS, HTML, MYSQL) who would be interested in putting in some hours/days to help move the thing along and happy to pay £150/day or equivalent hours if preferred.


The project is in a Git Repository on Kiln (owned by FogCreek, who do Fogbugz if you've heard of that) but I could move it to GitHub no probs. Current dev site is hosted on Vidahost.




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