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Dreamweaver Insert/Update Form Help

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I am building a web application for Bail Bonds Client management which requires me to make a form where the user can enter a set of 20 bonds @ a time and then @ a later time select and activate that bond and update the defendant demographic information that goes with it.


Problem 1: I have to make my form in 4 sections (4 forms) because Dreamweaver will only allow me to select 1 table to Insert into and this is a relational database with 4 tables.


Problem 2: When I insert data into the table to go with the previously entered bond number it adds another entry and does not insert the data with the corresponding bond number, does this need to be switched to an UPDATE instead of an INSERT?


I am new to PHP as you can tell, please help!

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New to php and taking on commercial assignments. Well your first project and your out of your depth with a wizard based application.


Search google for use of conditional statememnts or consult the php manual for uses of if{} else{} elsif{} and search tutorials for multiple function forms or add, edit, delete forms. Loads out there.

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