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PHP Lead Distribution


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Hi All,


I want to put together a process where by I distribute leads to a number of users but I am not sure where to start. If possible, could someone please let me know what I should be:

1. Searching for, or

2. Help with a possible solution script.


The basic principle is that I had a table with +/- 1,000 leads (This number can vary from day to day). Everyday I have +/- 20 people available to work through the leads. I would like to distribute these leads to each of the users, based on availability. 


So in the morning, every person is given their first lead.

When changing the status of the lead they are then given the next lead. They will only be able to get a new lead once they have had some kind of action on the lead.

The lead may be set to a call back, and therefore, an agent needs to be able to go back into a lead they have worked on to complete it at a later stage.


Any guidance here would be appreciated.



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I would say some sort of notify script or a message system (including email optional) in a content management system (cms) that can send to each user.

A cron job to handle when they get notified.

Some of the other things mentioned can be added additional and using 0/1 values a database depending the actions.

There could possibly be an exact script out there what you are looking for, most likely will have to make one custom.

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So I was thinking about this more yesterday, and was thinking that I could for all purposes of what I want to do is to make a script as simple as saying, they would click on a button that says, "Get Next Lead" this would then set a flag to the next / next random lead and then assign it t their username. 


A status gets set to the leads of distributed, on hold, or something of that sort. 


I would need this button however to do a check that when I click "Get Next Lead" that I don't have any active leads. I would only be able to get a new lead if my current lead is set to "Completed" / "On Hold".


So basically the "Get Next Lead" button should scan the DB Table for a record with no status set and assign that to the user....


I need some help though with the "Get Next Lead" buttons script.



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