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large bulk insertion in mysql problem

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I am reading data from CVS file and then inserting them with bulk insert query in MYSQL DB because i have rows in 10 thousands. The problem i am facing is, whenver i do bulk insert using PHP , it only insert 136 rows. This number of rows insertion remains same whatever the size of CSV rows are. I increased 

 the values of max_execution_time , memory_limit using php_ini as well as from .htaccess but to no avail. I understand there is some setting which is causing insertion of only fixed number of rows but unable to find exact parament. Anyone can help me out what i need to do for bulk insertion in mysql DB using PHP when isertion rows are in ten thousand or 15 thousands.

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it's likely that you are getting a query error at the 137th line in the csv file, either due to an un-escaped value in the data, a duplicate key error, an empty numerical data value, an incorrectly formatted line in the data, or ...


does your code have any sort of error checking logic in it to detect query errors? have you looked at the 137th line of data to see if there's something about it that's different and unexpected?


edit: here's a post listing methods for inserting bulk data - http://forums.phpfreaks.com/topic/294621-importing-legacy-data-into-mysql/?do=findComment&comment=1505730

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Can you post the contents of the CSV file from lines ~130 to ~140? Where are these CSV files generated from. You state there is no error, but simple things (missing comma for instance) can easily be missed. If these files are all coming from the same source process, there could be an error in that.

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