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Looking for a really well-seasoned Wordpress Developer

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For the past 6 years I’ve owned a web design & development business for a specialized niche industry. Our most common types of projects have a WORDPRESS back-end with custom features for the client to easily be able to make updates to their site, outside of the content area.


I’ve been working with the same developer for the past 6 years. In the beginning, we took on many projects and things were very lucrative. However, in the past few years, things have begun spiraling downward as his performance and ability to complete a project in the times promised began to dwindle.


I need a right-hand man who can handle all the development of my projects. I already have a well-established design team and now looking for a very well-seasoned developer with HIGH proficiency in Wordpress. I need a YES man.


We often do Wordpress E-Commerce projects that have been heavily modified to work with the interaction between the store owners and their customers. If a custom feature is needed to be built to accomplish something, the answer should be: “yes, I can do it”


Overall I’m looking for a developer who is responsive, is able to work on array of different programming languages (not JUST wordpress), etc.

Projects range from $350-$550 flat rate. A programmer hired shouldn’t be one to nickel and dime each time something is needed on a particular project – but I also don’t expect a programmer to work free.

YOU MUST LIVE IN AMERICA and speak perfect English. We will do phone calls often.

Projects range about 1 per week, at our peak we were doing 4-6 a week.


I need a PROVEN trackrecord. And a developer who can start right away.


Please contact me for more information.

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