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New to PHP, not programming. :-)


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I've just started to play with PHP. I used to work many years ago in the 90's with classic ASP which reminds me very much of PHP in a lot of ways. Anyway, I'm Tim and I hope to get to know a few folks on here and maybe improve my programming skills and database skills and get up to date. I plan on doing some freelance work at home because of health issues. Also, I just dig working with computers and programming in general. 


I've worked with ASP, VB, SQL Server, Access, Windows and Mac, etc,. I'm also playing with Ubuntu now and may use Linux almost totally except where I do Windows or Mac work for extra $$$. 


I'm really interested in using the best tools for the job, especially open source stuff, and frameworks, etc,. 


Thanks again. 


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Welcome to the forum!


QuickOldCar mentiones Bootstrap, which I too would really advise you to take a look at. I have worked with it for some time now and its just amazing. You can even find ready made Bootstrap website layout templates out there to get you started really quick!

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