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Freelance Web Designer in Hyderabad,UK,Malaysia,India,Canada,Japan


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We are Webslavery IT Services, a freelance web designing company who specializes in web design, web development and SEO. Webuild websites that are intuitive, adaptive to different devices, and stunning in design. We enjoy browsing through numerous designs and thematic styles from different websites and products for inspiration and find the evolving state of interactive websites particularly fascinating as we try our best to emulate them.

Freelance Web Designing in Hyderabad

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Contact No: India:+91 8897931177,+91 9030361564


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we are a charity organization helping refuges in Europe to find jobs via
presenting there ability and experience to the employers that close to
them. thus would like to create a simple database on a friendly front
end that allows any refuge to register and inter the following data (name,
sure name, date of berth, country of origin, phone, email, Street,
recent city with ZIP code, education/occupation, experience, attached CV
if available
). After submitting these data into database, any
employer should be able to see chick out people registered with there
occupation and experience to choose from them. Furthermore, then any
employer should be able to search this table (through two drop down
menus) regarding country, city of residence, and education.

we need the code only and we will be able to manage the rest.
hope you help us to achieve this work. we able to pay something for this help.


of course we're ready to pay an amount of money for this work.


Best wishes,

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