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Simple Coding Projects


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Hi everyone, I am looking for simple coding ideas. My significant other has started coding in PHP, and are looking for some simple projects, where she quickly can see the results.


She is still in the progress of learning all the syntax, and programming itself. What are some good projects to begin with?








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If I wanted my girlfriend to learn this I would walk her through the manual the same way I learned php, except she would have you to help and explain as well.



Her asking any questions she is not fully understanding at the time is a good thing, promote that while teaching her.

You don't always find out an answer if never ask the question.


Spend more time going through and playing with functions and knowing what works better certain situations or know there is many options, be creative using a few together.



Can browse through some of the extensions and get even more ideas.



Create along with her a "what did I learn so far" and store into a database. Making something useful gives a goal and sense of accomplishment.

Math related are always fun right?

Making forms and retrieving POST,GET,SERVER,REQUEST

Uploading files or images

Folder and file based functions

Creating sessions and cookies, accessing them.

Playing with many date functions and modifying them for display.

Creating simple functions. Show how can echo within the function or return results. Adding multiple parameters.

Explaining arrays and key values, different array types.

foreach and for loops, accessing arrays.

using various string manipulation functions

how to concatenate and escape php/html

database usage


I posted a fairly long "do and don't" list for another member.


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Hi again. Thanks for the reply folks. 


We have begun to walk trough the PHP manual, which was a great tip, did not think of that myself. 


She is actually learning quite fast, she is currently trying to create a library for herself, so she can store interesting sites/hyperlinks and images she finds on the web. 



Again, thanks for the response, and sorry for me taking a long time to respond.


Kind regards,


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