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  1. I have done a fair amount of work on it since posting would appreciate if you could fine any other bugs. Thanks all
  2. Cheers for having another look Each log is just a log of a single day. I have made changes based on your feedback, hopefully I'm starting to go in the right direction When I have time I am going to write up a intro guide that will shown to every after they first register that will cover the super basics. If anyone else has any more feedback or idea on how to improve it I would really appreciate it.
  3. Haha yeah I guess thats not too clear, volume is total volume of weight moved during that session or for the exercise 4*20*60 = 4800 for bodyweight moves you can use BWx20x4 and for using a weighted vest it would be BW+60x20x4
  4. Cheers for having a look, I have fixed the formatting help button and rewritten to show how you can add bodyweight exercises and in terms of usability was it only adding a log you have trouble with or where there other issues with it? I really want to try and get usability down as that was pretty much the point of the site Im going to add a track button which would take you directly to adding a workout and write up some help files
  5. I'm building a weightlifting workout tracker, I have added some sample data but feel free to add your own http://weightroom.uk/ http://weightroom.uk/phpfreaks.txt To login use username: test password: test123 Looking for feedback as well as any bugs Thanks all
  6. Make sure the fans are working, make sure the theamal paste is apply correctly on your cpu and if they are you could invest in a new heat sink for your cpu
  7. Get her to do something where the result will be useful for her thats how I learnt the result was coded really badly but I learnt a lot and ended up with something that I could actually use
  8. They are scripting languages so you could call it script is guess
  9. notepadd++ for windows textwrangler for mac atom for linux
  10. hey welcome to phpfreaks
  11. surely its just $x=240 ? (X*X)*(3X)=1200 => 5X=1200 => X=240 why do you need this in php?
  12. use mysqli prepare and fetch http://php.net/manual/en/mysqli.quickstart.prepared-statements.php
  13. Because changing the manifest version changed how things work you can see a list of what changed between manifest 1 & 2 https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/manifestVersion#manifest-v1-changes and just go though each point and update your code
  14. The form is returning a 503 error http://www.checkupdown.com/status/E503.html so its not a problem with your script but a problem with your server
  15. It doesn't matter at all personally i use the placeholder names as if you dynamically create the queries its much less likely something will go wrong
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