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Your take on PHP based ERPs

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I have been using PHP for quite long. Started with drupal 7-8 years and been PHPing since then.


I have been researching on PHP based ERP for quite some time and complied a quite list. I am not putting my opinion on any of them. I just wan to hear from those who have used any of these products. Their suggestion and advice.


I am looking to use an ERP for a small electronic distributor with 5 stores in a single Indian city. Most of their requirements are quite standard - purchasing, counter sale, on-line sale, warranty tracking, tracking cost with service, service engagement with few small companies to whom they supply desktop/laptops, creating invoices, making payment, receving cash, cheque, validating finance information etc.


The list from wiki 





1. webERP

2. Dollibarr

3. inoERP

4. phreeSoft

5. Front Accounting - frok from webERP


Product which I have ignored 


2. efsi


Please do add any other product that you are aware of and let me know your suggestions

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I have not tried any of them, but I dont see why they should not work for your client. I have worked with several ERP systems, and they have always been Extremely har dto work in and navigate in. I could imagine that a lightweight PHP ERP system would be just as fine as one of the large AND expensive ones...at least for your needs... Anyway, looked over the options and phreeSoft looked pretty good to me :-)

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