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I wouldn't say this is a CSS issue as such. I am using the value "100vh" in a height property on my portfolio and noticed that this value does not work in Safari. It then that I noticed that Apple has dropped support for Windows in their Safari software, so does this mean that it is recommended websites should drop support for Safari 5.1? What are peoples thoughts on this subject? The only reason I am asking is I need my portfolio to be up and running in the next few months, but I don't want to waste time finding "fixes" when it just isn't worth it!


Any opinions and help on this matter are greatly appreciated!

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If you're looking for CSS compatibility information, check CanIUse.com.


As far as Safari support goes, modern versions on the Mac handle vh and vw just fine. If someone's using it in a Windows environment, well... support was dropped for that quite some time ago.

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