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  1. Hunh - got some reading to do. Thanks for the pointer!
  2. I've never heard of $_SERVER['CONTEXT_DOCUMENT_ROOT'] and it's not listed in the documentation - echo that out and see what it says.
  3. Is the div in the DOM on page load or is it added dynamically later? You may have to use .on() to bind the event to the element.
  4. What minifier are you using? As requinix pointed out, `.class1.class2` is very different from `.class1 .class2` and if your minifier is adding or removing spaces like that it's broken. I always had good luck with cssmin if you're using gulp - I assume it's usable via webpack.
  5. The pro paid version supports this, the free doesn't. If you've paid for the plugin you should also have customer support information and I'd venture to say that's probably the best place to start.
  6. Yup - I'd've been no help at all there; glad you got it figured out, and thanks for posting the reason!
  7. Is error reporting enabled on your new server? Granted it's early for me, but nothing in your sample code jumps out as being wrong.
  8. Check your cURL version across your environments. I had a similar issue once - Centos 6 uses an old version of cURL apparently, so everything I was doing locally and on the staging server worked perfectly but blew up completely on production until I manually updated the cURL version.
  9. Are you actually using a font named Bold? The rest of the CSS should be working, so make sure it's being included into the HTML - can the calling page actually find it? Add body{ background-color: red; } to your CSS sheet.
  10. Set a cookie or local storage key when someone votes; check for it before you process a vote. Admittedly, if your poll is available for a long time this won't be greatly effective, but if you poll is only up for a day or so it could work.
  11. Or you could be really tricky with it: <style> .circle-2-colors{ height: 0; width: 0; border-top: 15px solid red; border-right: 15px solid red; border-bottom: 15px solid blue; border-left: 15px solid blue; border-radius: 50%; transform: rotate(45deg); } </style>
  12. Apparently the php.ini included in the repo was incorrect and the include_path had to be updated.
  13. Hi y'all. I just inherited a legacy system that is in mid-rebuild but needs to be tended until it can be completely phased out and have run into an issue I can't remember how to deal with. The file system is as such: DocumentRoot/ m/ js/ css/ In the 'm' directory I have many files that use require_once as so: require_once "m/another_file.php"; The problem is that none of them have a $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] or even a __DIR__ to start the path, so I'm blowing up with errors. I know this code works as it's currently in production, but I can't remember for the life of me what php.ini or .htaccess setting needs to be set to make it viable. My coworker swears he didn't have to do any magic to make it work on his system. Anybody old enough to remember?
  14. foreach() the way you're using it is going to pass each individual value of the array into the function body, so you don't need to reference $contacts[$var]. I assume the first value in your $contacts array is '18733', right? But there's probably not an index of 18733 in the $contacts array. Try this: foreach($contacts as $var){ echo $var.PHP_EOL; } You should see each value of your array on a separate line.
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