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Creating objects dynamically


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Probably a really basic answer here but I'm stuck and google isn't bringing me any closer.



Is it possible to dynamically create objects using a variable?


For instance in PHP I might do:

class turnip {
	public function __construct(){
		echo 'created turnip';

$t = 'turnip';
$tt = new $t(); //echoes created turnip

However, trying to do something similar in JS is simply causing an error.  So is there a special trick?


Lets say I wanted to do:

function Pawn(){...}

var p = 'Pawn';

var a = new p(); //Can this be done somehow? Can you force the variable 'p' to evaluate down to it's value?
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You're defining a function in the scope of window. What happens is the function becomes a property of the window object. If you inspect "window", you'll see that your function "Pawn" is actually a property. You could say window.Pawn() and it would execute your function.

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