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Mysql is set up... but what now?

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ok, im just trying to create a thumbnail gallery really.

Im trying to get it working with one image first,


I have set up a db called \"Kriminalyouth\"

it has two tables \"thumbnails\" and \"Images\"


images contains = Picture_ID, Picture_Area, Picture_Path

thumbnails contains = Thum_ID, Thum_Area, Thum_Path


I have set up an images and thums folder in \"htdocs\" with one image in each. Vase.jpg in images and vasethum.jpg in thums.


Basically im not really sure where to start with the code to make this thumbnail work.


I would really appreciate some ideas, and anny help......im still learning.

Many Thanks People.



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if you cross post (post the same msg) in two different catagories some people around here will get miffed. Just a friendly reminder.

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