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Trying to get this file to execute

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I am hoping someone can help: here is the situation. I used to run a batch file on a windows machine to parse some data and create ouput html files. This worked perfectly, until i changed to an actual web host. The web host runs some flavor of linux. My batch file command for windows looks like this:


php.exe -q mohstats.php 1.log


I am having trouble getting this to run under linux.. not sure what i need to do to the script to make it run. The file is saved as a text file with the correct chmod settings.


Under windows, this was a .bat or batch file.

I do have other cron jobs that log into a remote server, rename files and get the files. These cron jobs work fine, so i know it isn't the way the cron is written. I just don't know how to call this script to work in a linux or unix environment..

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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