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Sessions in Symfony 3


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Hi. First post here.


I am currently developing an application for a client. We elected to go with Symfony 3 and PHP 7 for the build to give it a longer lifespan. I am currently working with session management and it appears that for some reason Symfony is auto starting the session. I am entirely unsure why it is doing this or where it is being told to. I verified that the session auto start was disabled in php.ini and I have check the YML config files for Symfony.


I tested for this with the following code:

$session = $this->container->get('session')->isStarted();

        echo $session;

It returned a value of 1. What am I missing?

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Symfony sessions are designed to replace several native PHP functions. Applications should avoid using session_start(), session_regenerate_id(), session_id(), session_name(), and session_destroy() and instead use the APIs in the following section.


While it is recommended to explicitly start a session, a session will actually start on demand, that is, if any session request is made to read/write session data.


Symfony sessions are incompatible with php.ini directive session.auto_start = 1 This directive should be turned off in php.ini, in the webserver directives or in .htaccess.

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