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IgnitionBackend - A new, portable, modular framework based on PHP


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I have been working on a project for quite a while that I'd like to share with the community. It's no WordPress, and it's full of errors right now, but it's an interesting project that I think would be of great use to a lot of developers.


Specifically, I own a small web development company, and fairly often I needed to create back-ends over and over with slight differentiation. Most of this differentiation was in how the data was transmitted to the front-end.


IgnitionBackend is a compromise between WordPress and something like CakePHP. It is an open-source project which I have provided several pre-made packages for. Some of these packages being a simple CMS, Blog, Newsletter, and others. Ignition runs a package manager that requires very little configuration, and works on shared servers. It creates an basic administrative GUI, and provides API files I call "nodes" for talking with the front-end.


There is very little documentation that I've written for this project so far, and a couple of the packages in the repo are incomplete. As aforementioned, there are quite a few errors, even in the "finished" packages...but I have used a couple of these packages in production with no problems. There are some bad practices, and the GUI isn't very beautiful. 

I'm looking to establish a community that can help me work on this project. I could use some help working out the kinks in this rough-draft...so far it's almost 15,000 lines of code. A huge problem is that I was being quick and dirty and assumed it would be fine to leave the password-protected administration section suceptible to SQL injection. (All of the stuff that talks to the front-end is pretty safe, but there is a potential for someone with a password to inject, although I'm not sure why they would.)

I also admit that I used columns as non-relational databases a few times, and there are quite a few other errors. Any contributions, critique, suggestions, etc are appreciated. I would also be thankful if someone was willing to try this out on some other environments, test out compatibility with post PHP 5 versions, etc. As noted on the GitHub page, there are pathing issues when this is used on Windows with WAMP or similar Windows-based servers. 

Another thing this framework is lacking is documentation for the API files. 

Looking forward to the responses, and I hope this helps someone out!



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This is gonna need lots more code and fixes for people to start using it.

You usually need something pretty decent to get others to get onboard and wanting to contribute to a project.


I looked it over fast, is so much to say about it, be easier in a chat.


For prior to php5, forget those people...nobody should be using so old a version.


As for your path issues...define root folders and paths and use that for the rest of your scripts. If you create an installer could do discovery from that folder location.


You can store a file outside of root directory for admin, but I feel is best to store it hashed in a database upon a first install and saved in db. Do permissions for users and handle it all via sessions with proper checks.

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