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Hello there

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After a little while in this forum i'd like to intruduce my self


AzeS my synonyme in the scene...

Im from germany so forgive me for my bad english
i started programming as a whole thing when i was 11 years old. now im =<18 and i've learned following langueges so far: vb.net['id concider myself a professional xD'] c++['Basics'] c#['Basics'] c['Basics']

to be honest i had a few breaks in my hobby carrier... so dont judge me if my knowledge is a bit sturdy now... but after two years of military im back in the game and like to establish some forums for my community 47 people by now xD and some wsites jff to earn a little extra money, as i do my regular job. i've never had the intention to earn money with programming because i did it for the joy of putting rules together so that something new arises but now i changed my mindset a little and thought to my self wy dont you go ahead and do something with your talent... so here i am learning php and js so that i can establish some platforms for my ideas that are coming up and up around 28 by now  :sweat:  so i decided to join a forum so that i can learn faster... i stumbled across many of them untill i found this forum... and it is perfect the responses are comming fast and evrybody is helpful around here so i'd like to say thank you and will do my best to also help others when i gained enough knowlege 

Sincerly, AzeS 





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