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Which frame work would i select?


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Hi friends,

I have practical knowledge in PHP and i am a beginner but i don't have knowledge in frame works. I have basic idea in top frame works like Laravel, phalcon, yii, zend PHP frameworks. I would like to take your suggestions to go for which one will easy to understand.

Thanks in Advance

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Most frameworks exist to handle the following concerns:



-Components/Reusable Libraries

-Data persistence


By far the most popular solution to this in the web world, is an implementation of the Model - View - Controller (MVC) design pattern.


Almost every framework provides an implementation of this design pattern. The better you understand MVC, the simpler it is to go from framework to framework and navigate it.


There has also been a major advancement in the php world, with PSR-0, the creation of the symfony project version 2 components, and corresponding creation and adoption of composer as the de facto component installation and dependency management tool for PHP.


For these reasons, I'd recommend Symfony framework. It drove much needed innovation in the PHP ecosystem, is well documented, and has a solid support community.


My fallback would be Laravel, which can boast similar resources.

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