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php exec in windows


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Hello i have a question ,i am runnig Windows 7 i dont have installed no php ,no apache or other web server .... so i am wondering with php exec  can i run exe file on my system through web site ,for example click on link and it will run exe ?? or need to be installed php on the system?

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Um, what?


What you describe sounds an awful lot like malware, so it might be helpful to explain why you need this strange setup. What is this executable? Why should it be started from a website?


A website can't just run executables on arbitrary PCs. That would be horrible.

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So this a security question?


A PHP process on some server has no access to your system. Calling exec() only executes programs on the server. It doesn't magically start programs on other machines.


Compromising your system through a website requires either a browser vulnerability or a network-related vulnerability. Neither has anything to do with PHP.

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