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Unusual xml file


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I am not sure why this just isn't coming to me but for some reason it's stumping how to properly parse this thing!!  


Every line has it's own entry and trying to get the info for each match is proving somewhat puzzling for me! I can get any of the info but how for instance can I get both teams together since each team has it's own line and each match has 2 lines in it....   I'm trying to pull the data then make a table out of it but for some reason it's just escaping me totally.... 




That is the xml file...


$team1 = $games->attributes()->id;   that is how I am getting it but it return both teams..... how can I do this line by line?  Any suggestions would be helpful!



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I think your confusion stems from the fact that the "teams" are separate objects within an array of the match. There may be another way, but it will work if you assign those two array elements of the main object to two new variables/objects, then extract the data there. Also, you can reference the attributes as you have above OR via array indexes which is a little simpler, IMHO.



//Load the xml content into object
$xmlObj = simplexml_load_file('test.xml');
//Output the week
echo "NFL Scheduled Week: {$xmlObj->attributes()->week}<br><br>\n";
foreach($xmlObj as $matchup)
    //Display the matchup attributes
    echo "<b><u>Matchup attributes</u></b><br>";
    echo "Kickoff: {$matchup->attributes()->kickoff}<br>\n"; //Object property
    echo "Game Seconds Remaining: {$matchup['gameSecondsRemaining']}<br><br>\n"; //Array index
    //Get the team objects from the team array
    $team1 = $matchup->team[0];
    $team2 = $matchup->team[1];
    //Display team1 attributes as object properties
    echo "<b>Team 1:</b><br>\n";
    echo "</ul>";
    echo "<li>ID: {$team1->attributes()->id}</li>\n";
    echo "<li>isHome: {$team1->attributes()->isHome}</li>\n";
    echo "<li>score: {$team1->attributes()->score}</li>\n";
    echo "<li>rushDefenseRank: {$team1->attributes()->rushDefenseRank}</li>\n";
    echo "<li>passDefenseRank: {$team1->attributes()->passDefenseRank}</li>\n";
    echo "<li>rushOffenseRank: {$team1->attributes()->rushOffenseRank}</li>\n";
    echo "<li>passOffenseRank: {$team1->attributes()->passOffenseRank}</li>\n";
    echo "<li>hasPossession: {$team1->attributes()->hasPossession}</li>\n";
    echo "<li>inRedZone: {$team1->attributes()->inRedZone}</li>\n";
    echo "<li>spread: {$team1->attributes()->spread}</li>\n";
    echo "</ul><br>";
    //Display team2 attributes as array indexes
    echo "<b>Team 2:</b><br>\n";
    echo "</ul>";
    echo "<li>ID: {$team2['id']}</li>\n";
    echo "<li>isHome: {$team2['isHome']}</li>\n";
    echo "<li>score: {$team2['score']}</li>\n";
    echo "<li>rushDefenseRank: {$team2['rushDefenseRank']}</li>\n";
    echo "<li>passDefenseRank: {$team2['passDefenseRank']}</li>\n";
    echo "<li>rushOffenseRank: {$team2['rushOffenseRank']}</li>\n";
    echo "<li>passOffenseRank: {$team2['passOffenseRank']}</li>\n";
    echo "<li>hasPossession: {$team2['hasPossession']}</li>\n";
    echo "<li>inRedZone: {$team2['inRedZone']}</li>\n";
    echo "<li>spread: {$team2['spread']}</li>\n";
    echo "</ul><br><hr>\n";





NFL Scheduled Week: 19

Matchup attributes
Kickoff: 1358026200
Game Seconds Remaining: 0

Team 1:

  • ID: BAL
  • isHome: 0
  • score: 38
  • rushDefenseRank: 20
  • passDefenseRank: 19
  • rushOffenseRank: 10
  • passOffenseRank: 12
  • hasPossession: 0
  • inRedZone: 0
  • spread:
  • Team 2:

  • ID: DEN
  • isHome: 1
  • score: 35
  • rushDefenseRank: 4
  • passDefenseRank: 6
  • rushOffenseRank: 15
  • passOffenseRank: 5
  • hasPossession: 0
  • inRedZone: 0
  • spread:

 . . . etc . . .

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OK, after taking a look afterwards, here is another way without needing to create new objects for each team.


Team 1 ID:

$matchup->team[0]->attributes()->id OR $matchup->team[0]['id']


Team 2 ID:

$matchup->team[1]->attributes()->id OR $matchup->team[1]['id']

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