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Call function when ever eloquent model has CRUD operation.

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I'd like to create a function in an eloquent model that gets called whenever create() or save() is called on that model. This function updates an "updated_at" time stamp in a parent table.  
I don't even know what to search for in google that will lead me to a tutorial, or documentation explaining this.
For example:
I have 2 tables, Conferences (has "updated_at" timestamp field) and Maps (When ever a new map is saved, or existing updated I want to update the timestamp field "updated_at" in the Conferences table).
I know I could create a class with a function that does this and do a find for ->save() and after call my function.  
But why do that?  Shouldn't I be able to put a method in the Maps Model that, when CRUD happens, will automatically fire?
I guess it would look something like this:
    private function onCrud() {
        $confObj = Conference::where("id", "=", $session(['currentConfId']))->first();
        $confObj->updated_at = date("whatever format...");

How do I tell laravel/eloquent to fire this method when ever a save is called on the model?


Any direction with this is greatly appreciated!
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Ok, I apologize a million times.  I'd delete this post completely if I could figure out how.


I am normally a laravel developer and most of our projects are laravel, except this one which is cakephp.


Regardless, I realize now that when I need to look into is event listeners.  I should be able to find more targeted documentation on this and maybe solve my own problem.


Thanks anyways!

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