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Using SELECT SEC_TO_TIME on 2 fields

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Follow on posting to my previous post... had to take a totally new approach hence the new posting. As always any help or advice on how to find a solution is greatly appreciated.



I am trying to sum the total number of hours worked from 2 different fields - overtime_hours and overtime_hours1. I can get the code to run when only getting the information from one field, but am failing to get the same success when attempting to get it from 2 fields.


Here is the working code for one field.

$count_total_hours_worked = $pdo->query("SELECT SEC_TO_TIME( SUM( TIME_TO_SEC( `overtime_hours` ) ) )FROM dbase WHERE staff='Joe'  AND MONTH(CURDATE())=MONTH(serv_date) AND YEAR(serv_date) = YEAR(CURDATE()) ")->fetchColumn();     

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