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Just curious, but is it better to use a php framework say like Laravel than coding just plain php?  And which framework do you recommend?  I've read several websites that suggest Laravel is the better one but who knows who really posted that, so ... just curious from some real dev's what they prefer.

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What is better: A pickup truck or a sports car? And if it's a sports car, is a Porsche 911 the best one?


Nobody can give you a serious answer to that, at least not without some basic parameters. Sure, we could all list our personal preferences, but that tells you nothing about the appropriate choice for your specific case.


What a framework does is provide a basic application infrastructure. The benefit is that you can skip a lot of the boring low-level PHP code you usually have to write (request processing, database interaction etc.). The downside is that frameworks come with their own overhead and restrictions: You have to learn it, you have to install it, you have to configure it, you have to follow its rules.


The right choice is going to depend on many different factors:

  • the size of the project: You wouldn't use a framework for a two-script homepage, but you may benefit from it if you have a more complex application
  • the nature of the project: Is it standard stuff which can be covered with a general-purpose framework? Or do you need a specialized solution?
  • your skillset: If you don't know any framework and aren't familiar with any of the concepts they use, you'll have to invest a lot of time learning it.
  • your personal preferences: Some people just don't like frameworks, some people don't like plain PHP, some people will go with whathever is appropriate. The same is true for the framework itself.

Laravel is a decent general-purpose framework. If you like it, and if it suits your need, go ahead. But the same can be said about Symfony, Yii, Phalcon etc. When in doubt, try them.

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