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complex php project


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Um, 'complex' is a subjective term. When I think 'complex', I am thinking about projects that require a team developers, DBAs, QA analysts, business analysts, etc. etc. I'm guessing that is not the type of 'complex' project you are wanting to do.


My best advice is find something to do in an area that you enjoy. If you do that, it will help you stay motivated. If you pick something you have no interest in, you aren't going to be too interested in writing the code for it either. Some examples:


If you are into computer gaming, build a site that gathers data from servers that run a particular game to show metrics, player standings, or other data of interest to people that play that game. Or perhaps, allow players to sign up with the game id so they can show metrics between the players.


Do you like photography? Build a site that allows a person to upload their geotagged photos and provide a world map (using Google's APIs) with markers where the different photo's were taken. User can click a location and see the photos the person took. Actually, this would be cool for people that travel a lot.


Are you into sports? Find a feed with data for a particular sport and present the data in different ways that users would like or maybe add some prediction logic. E.g. probability of a player hitting a home run based on results of his last x games.


Etc. Etc.

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Thanks to all those who responded, especially the insightful help from the Moderator.  By complex I mean something more challenging but at the same time not needing a team of developers.  The university is shooting down any project that is simple, simple as in something  that any one with no programming language skills can do if they use google very well.  But thanks again wonderful people for your suggestions.  Thats why we love phpfreaks.

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