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Seeking partners 2 complete project


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Unique opportunity for the right person(s).

Seeking unpaid PARTNERS to finish large scale websites project. Nothing is guaranteed, but finished project is projected to generate millions in revenue per year. About 33% of the project is complete and online, generating $2500/mo. from about 20,000 human sessions per day. Partners will receive equity in the project in proportion to contributions, sharing the profits when they exceed a predetermined amount.

Advanced skills are not as important as energy, interest and time commitment. You must have significant free time to devote to the project on an unpaid basis. For the PHP programmer, you must be able to provide working code to specification, but you won't be judged on it.

Skills needed (in order of priority/involvement):

PHP programmer. (JS, Laravel, CSS is a plus) Include at least one example of some php code that you've completed.
Web pages designer (CSS, mobile/responsive is a plus) Include links to some design work that you've done.
LAMP server admin (migration, scaling and security issues)
LAMP email admin (bulk and automated mailing, reputation management, etc)
Adsense advertising manager (A/B testing, etc)

The first two are needed now, the rest will be needed in several months.

For those that pass the first step, I will pitch the project to you over the next few weeks. You should be able to evaluate the revenue potential pretty easily. This project competes with established solutions, but in novel ways. The demographic is skewed towards older internet users (40+). Project already contains millions of records of content and 200,000 email addresses.

THIS OPPORTUNITY IS NOT FOR MOST PEOPLE. But for a select few, it will be a life-changing commitment. After building on it for 8 years, I currently do not have the free time to finish this by myself, and there is plenty of reward to share with the right team. Where you live is not important, but being in North Dallas is a plus.

To contact me: use the Contact Us link at Old-Friends.co

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