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Connection timeout in sqlsrv_connect() not working


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Hello. I want to to minimize waiting time if i don't have connection to specific remote host.

For example i am checking a DB server for connection. If i don't have connection the time out of the page is approximately 50 seconds. I want to make it 3 second.

Im using




I have installed SQLSRV driver. And i have activated in php.ini.


And the php code is:

$serverName = ""; //Iskar server seizmika
$connectionInfo = array("Database" => "ISKARDB", "UID" => "admin", "PWD" => "admin", "LoginTimeout" => 3);
$conn = sqlsrv_connect($serverName, $connectionInfo);

But the 3 second timeout not working. Its again the ~50sec timeout.


What i can do? Thanks :)

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