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Session in IIS 5.0 and IIS 5.1

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Hi guy's!!


I'm a rookie yet in this programming language and I'm working in a web tool for my job where all supervisors and managers can make a log in the authentication page for have an access to the other web pages that are composed with a html forms and that web pages are protected with an security application.


I want have control of the user session and I made a practice in my PC with Windows Xp and IIS 5.1. Locally in the pc, my user session programming code it's work perfectly, but when I uploaded the needed files to the web server with IIS 5.0 the user session programming code dont's work. I verified and compared the php.ini file in the Windows root directory with my php.ini file and the only that have a change are those lines where I specified some path's.


The last Friday I'm upgraded the server php version from 5.04 to 5.05 and that is the same version that I have in my pc. I think that the only reason for the code can't work is the IIS version.


In my proyect, when a user make a login in the authentification screen, the current web page don't change to the next page, and appears the authentification page again. What it seems is that the IIS 5.0 can't understand the first line in the protected web pages in which I specified the php file that have a security code.


I think that the error can't be a bad login because when I insert a bad login, the login screen show me an error message.

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