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$10 Show me how to use this code.

Guest MrLeN

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Guest MrLeN

My WordPress theme has the ability for people to login with facebook (by clicking a  button)..

I contacted the people who made my WordPress theme and asked them for some code that tells me if someone is logged in via the Facebook login button or via WordPress.

they gave me a link to this code:


I don't understand it.

I need that code to echo:

"The user is logged in with facebook"


"The user is not logged in with facebook"

I'll give $10 to anyone who can show me to to get the code to echo that.


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Guest MrLeN

Oh the theme developer gave me the code.

Add this to the end :)

if ( sq_is_facebook_user() ) { echo 'Is Facebook user'; } else { echo 'Is WordPress user'; } 
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