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How can we send one or more custom headers with every file ?

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Hello Guys !


I have a friend, who runs an internet cafe (morethan 50 clint computers).

He has a lot of high bitrate (1024KB/s or more) movies on his server computer, so his clints also have the option to see movies in the cafe.

Now my friend's problem is that "no morethan 10 clints can watch movie at same time".

Network medium is a good quality STP cable.(10/100MB)


He asked me, if I have some solution to it.

I said, compress your movies, like some kind of codecs.

but he says, it'll reduce the quality too, so not gonna do it.


some one suggested him to use Apache, and pass his movies through Apache, as it can work for him.

He wants me to install Apache, OK I'll install Apache. that's not a worry at all. As I know that he doesn't want to store movies on clint PCs.

I personally thought, I should configure Apache in such a way so any file sent from it is never cached.

so all I want to know is how can I this.


in addition, if some one can understand the whole situation, and have a better solution, please let me know it.


otherwise ! just tell me:


[!--sizeo:5--][span style=\"font-size:18pt;line-height:100%\"][!--/sizeo--]How can I configure Apache in such a way so any file sent from it is never cached ?[!--sizec--][/span][!--/sizec--]


I asked how to send custom headers with every file, because I use header in PHP so my pages are not cached, so I may have some work around headers to get what I want.


Thanks in Advance.

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