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Socket connection problem

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I have the script that listens on sockets (script 1). However on some domains it is not working on unknown reason.


I wrote another script that connects to this socket (script 2):



$fp = fsockopen($domain, $port, $errno, $errstr, 5);




Script 2 should check if script 1 is working. If script 1 does not work then var_dump will display null, otherwise var_dump will display resource variable.


Now, if I upload script 2 to the same host as script 1 then script 2 connects to script 1 and var_dump displays resource variable. However, if I upload script 2 to a different host then script 2 can not connect to script 1.


In other words script 1 accepts socket connection only from the same computer it is installed on. Why is it so and how can it be fixed?

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