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broswerSync, Gulp, vagrant, and proxy - not a good combo?

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OK - I've been beating my head against this for a bit now and I give up...

I've got a vagrant box up and running on my host system. I'm using gulp with several node modules from the host system, and everything is working well except browser-sync.

My directory structure (abbreviated):


Here's the code so far:

const _ = require('lodash');
const aw = require('gulp-load-plugins')({
	pattern: ['*'],
	scope: ['existingDevDependencies']
aw.browserSync = require('browser-sync').create();

const pkg = require('./package.json');
var themeName = pkg.name.toLowerCase().replace(new RegExp(' ','g'), '-');

aw.gulp.task('Develop', ['browserSync', 'developJS', 'compileCSS', 'watch']);

var theme = {
	srcJS : '_assets/javascript/**/*.js',
	srcCSS : '_assets/less/**/*.less',
	srcStyle : ['!_assets/less/variables.less', '_assets/less/style.less', '_assets/less/**/*.less'],
	destJS : pkg.directories.content + '/js',
	destCSS : pkg.directories.content + '/css',
 * Set up the browser reload on the host machine when the files are updated
aw.gulp.task('browserSync', () => {
		proxy: "vagrant.craft.internal",
		host: "vagrant.craft.internal",
		open: "external",
		port: 80,
 *	Development JavaScript handling.
 *	Browserify, Babelify, and uglify with in-line sourcemapping
aw.gulp.task('developJS', () => {
	"use strict";
	_.forEach(_.castArray(pkg.scripts.entry), (script) => {
			entries: ['./_assets/javascript/' + script + '.js'],
			debug: false
		.transform(aw.babelify, {
			compact: true,
			retainLines: false,
			comments: false,
		.on('error', handleError)
		.pipe(aw.vinylSourceStream(script + '.min.js'))
			sourceMap: {
				url: 'inline'
 *	During development, obviously we want the system to watch for any
 *	important changed files and to handle those automatically.
aw.gulp.task('watch', ['browserSync', 'developJS', 'compileCSS'], () => {
	"use strict";
	aw.gulp.watch(theme.srcCSS, ['compileCSS', aw.browserSync.reload]);
	aw.gulp.watch(theme.srcJS, ['developJS', aw.browserSync.reload]);
	aw.gulp.watch('./build/templates/**/*.html', aw.browserSync.reload);

 *	Production and Development .less processing
 *	Processes the .less to CSS, then minifies the file.
 *	Note that grid support is enabled and we're bablifying
 *	back to IE10. This should change in the very near
 *	future as we drop support for 10.
aw.gulp.task('compileCSS', () => {
	"use strict";
	return aw.gulp
			strictMath : 'on',
			strictUnits : 'on',
			browsers: [
				"last 2 versions",
				"IE 10"
			grid: true
			extname : '.css',
			basename : 'style'

browserSync initializes just fine - my browser opens, loads http://vagrant.craft.internal and my terminal shows the proper Local, External, UI, and UI External addresses. I update my .less, .js, and .html files and my terminal says 'Reloading Browsers'. But there's no browser reload...

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