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looking to SUM 2 separate columns as each.. not together.

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let me check.. .. it does now after I restarted httpd.. :)  thanks.. that help me out alot.. lol

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Hey Barand.. sorry to bug you again.. but how would I get the horizontal lines back in the table? I had them in a style.css.. but this <?=$tdata?> can't seem to be manipulated.

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Add your styling to the <td>s etc when the $tdata is being built EG

    foreach ($res as $row) {
        $tot_value += $row['value'];
        $tot_balance += $row['balance'];               // accumulate totals as they are fetched
        $tdata .= "<tr><td>{$row['work_order']}</td>
        $tdata .= '<td class="ra">' . toCurrency($row['value']) . '</td>';               // right-align cell
        $tdata .= '<td class="ra">' . toCurrency($row['balance']) . '</td>';             // right-align cell               
        $tdata .= "<td>{$row['status']}</td>
    $tdata .= "<tr><th colspan='3' class='ra'>Totals</th><td class='ra total'>" . toCurrency($tot_value) . '</td><td class="ra total">' . toCurrency($tot_balance) . "</td><td colspan='2'></td></tr>";


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