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Pro Full Stack coder looking to code for/with another Programmer

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My best work periods have been when I closely worked with another coder, who handled all the freelancing managing the clients and I helped on the coding side. Looking for more of the same.


Me: Nikhil. 5+ years coding. Techy, nerdy and proud. Cygwin, oh my zsh, freebsd, DIY , autoit, arduino!

Speaks decent english. Understands importance of communication. 20$ / hour. India. UTC+5:30.

Great at: Core PHP, JavaScript, SQLite, MySQL, HTML. Understand modular OOP coding, MVC framework, understanding of all things PHP.

Ok at: CSS, Linux admin


Recent Work: Handled ALL aspects of development and sys admin.

https://fallinprices.com/ - Price and products tracking according to criteria. fetch API - store sqlite - Compare - updatedb - show interface, update interface, send mails .. and on.

http://jobs.megyaani.com/ - r/forhire notifications according to user search terms!


I also do: Scraping, automation, API consumption, Oauth2 and some more.

Do I Seem like your guy? Mail me : nik.jain@gmail.com

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