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use-cases: Control DC and Stepper Motors with L298N or with DAYPOWER Motor-9110

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good day dear PHP-Freaks and Coding -experts, 


today i have a special question - reagading Arduino, electronics 


i have some questions about the different use-cases: we can aim differnt scenarios to Control DC and Stepper Motors with L298N or with DAYPOWER Motor-9110 - so  - there are some very different use-scenarios: some one have example how to use l298n with motors. 

Friends of me use it with arduino-Control DC and Stepper Motors With L298N Dual Motor Controller Modules and Arduino. and now i need to know which motors i need - and if i need a L298n for my project.

First of all i have to explain the use-case: whether i want to 

- controlling steppers or 
- DC motors as both are different code.

Second - i have to look after the specs of the motors i want to control(voltage/amperage)

considering the L298n: One of the advantage of the L298n; it has a very big forward voltage of 2.8v so is incredibly inefficient that's why they come with such a big heat sink. The only advantage is the the L298n will run at voltages as high as 48v at current as high as 4amp

But wait - for all small robotics I tend to use a smaller motor-driver than the L298n; Note the N298n it is a bit outdated. For small robotic-projects we also can use for example the l9110s as it forward voltage is very low - 0.7v so it is a really very efficient H-bridge motor-driver: but according the specs, it is only rated to 12v at peak current of 1.5amp.  That is quite very good - isn't it!?

What i do need is some example code of l9110s and example of connecting the wires. What is wanted: well i need to take a car forward and back.But first of all it is important to find out which motor i can use with the l 9110?   So i have  to make up my mind to decide what type and size of motors i should be using.

i thought of using:

- driving stepper motors or 
- DC motors and 

besides that - what are the voltage and amperage of the motors for me to know if a L9110 is suitable for the motors. Here is the datasheet https://www.elecrow.com/download/datasheet-l9110.pdf
Wiring the L9110: it is dual H-bridge so can drive 2 DC motors. each motor will need 2 input pins from the micro-controller. 

see the project i have in mind: 

which motor do you think i have to use - in combination with the L9110 ? 

love to hear from you 

yours Dil_bert


see some images of the project i have in mind#








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