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  1. update: guess that all depends on the NS-Server entries: all seems that the Vhost creation process went well and the vhost looks "healthy" now i guess that i have to look for the entries regarding the NS-Server. what do you suggest - which tests to run - which measures to test!?
  2. update: runned a ping test sent 10 ICMP-Pakets to the server result: - invalid host.
  3. in other cases it looks like so - on all adresses!? this is different
  4. update: see the directives DocumentRoot "/sites/www.my_domain.org" /usr/local/apache/conf/vhost/vhost.conf (67) ServerName www.my_domain.org /usr/local/apache/conf/vhost/vhost.conf (68) <Directory "/sites/www.my_domain.org"> allow from all /usr/local/apache/conf/vhost/vhost.conf (70) Options None /usr/local/apache/conf/vhost/vhost.conf (71) Require all granted /usr/local/apache/conf/vhost/vhost.conf (72) </Directory> guess: *. seems to be correkt, * notes - all adresses, the point notes the end of the term in the handle.
  5. hello dear all - on webmin - i have on a freshly created vhost i have the following the phrase is like so: Handles the name-based server www.my-domain.org on address *. what makes me wonder is why do we have .... address *. look forward to hear from you
  6. hello dear folks at php-freaks hope you are well and all is okay last week i have had a very first view on the new TwentyTwenty Theme. this is obviousliy a very very smart theme - developed very sustainable. The links to the theme-support are here: overview: https://wordpress.org/theme/twentytwenty/ support: https://wordpress.org/support/theme/twentytwenty/ first of all - to do the first steps - it is a good idea to create a Child Theme for the TwentyTwenty Theme why a child theme: well a child theme it is stored in a separate directory from the parent theme, And furthermore each of the themes comes with its own style.css and functions.php files. The good thing: we can add other files as necessary, but those two are the bare minimum required for a child theme to function correctly. Well if we are using the relevant .css and .php files, then we are able to modify everything from styling, layout parameters to actual coding and scripts used by a child theme. And that is just a pretty good thing. This is so good that even if the attributes for the theme-dsigns aren’t present in its parent theme. So subsequently it is like so: imagine a visitor loads our website, then a process starts The WordPress does follow the process: it does load the sub-theme, and after that step it takes care for fully unleashing the theme: That means it fills the missing styles and functions using parts from the so called master-theme. Finally we get the best out of your customized design without sacrificing the whole system - that means the theme’s core functionality. Well - if it comes to child themes : There are plenty of good tutorails out there, such as - extended guides which are covering the topic ,"How to Create a Child Theme in WordPress". - vids that teach the topic. - ideas that help clearing and in the forums. I for one collected some ideas to creatde my very first child theme for TwentyTwenty! The first step that is necessary is to create a new directory under wp-content/themes and afterwards (that means subsequently to name it something like twentytwenty-child) or whatever we may find appropiate. Well this is up to you... Now we can go ahead and head over to the following folder: wp-content/themes/twentytwenty-child And then we can create a new style.css file with the following heading: /* Theme Name: My Twenty Twenty Child Theme Theme URI: https://mydomain-name.com Description: A child theme for Twenty Twenty. Author: Your Name Author URI: https://mydomain-name.com Template: twentytwenty Version: 3.0 License: GNU General Public License v2 or later License URI: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html */ so far so good: after this preliminary first step we go ahead and we jut include the parent theme’s stylesheet into the folder In the same directory, create the following functions.php file: <?php /* enqueue scripts and style from parent theme */ function twentytwenty_styles() { wp_enqueue_style( 'parent', get_template_directory_uri() . '/style.css' ); } add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'twentytwenty_styles'); now we put the files up to the server - we take our favorite ftp-client. then we navigate to public_html -> wp-content -> themes folder. then - at this point we just create a new folder - the we do while we are clicking its icon on the upper menu. After this we just have to enter our child theme’s name and click the so called create-button. Be aware and note: It’s highly recommended not to use the parent theme’s name Finally and as the very very last step of the process: Now go to Appearance → Themes and activate our Child Theme. here we can customize the theme - without breakin the parent theme twentytwenty..
  7. hello dear all until now: i did not try the themes twentynineteen and twentytwenty. one question: do the themes twentynineteen and twentytwenty also have the so called parallax-effect!? Do they have parallax-capabilities!? the twentytwenty-theme states: (at the wordpress-page): this is very impressive: the question to me is: do the themes twentynineteen and twentytwenty also have the so called parallax-effect!? Do they have parallax-capabilities!? and we have got a great discussion here: how-to-enable-parallax-effect-in-twenty-twenty :: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/how-to-enable-parallax-effect-in-twenty-twenty/ Theo, TungstenE2, klewis, Jarret discussed it here in the thread: i am very happy for this thread and especially that klewis is coming up with this question: cit: Is the Twenty Twenty able to do a parallax for background images? If so, what resource should I look towards in learning how to enable it or create it for this specific theme? I pretty much want my background image to scroll slower than the text in front of it, when I scroll up or down. thanks at Theo for remembering the tutorial: cit: Don’t know if it might be useful, but there’s this old and excellent tutorial on the parallax effect: https://keithclark.co.uk/articles/pure-css-parallax-websites/ and to you tungstene2 for your hint: cit: the developers in order to fix this? see also: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/twenty-twenty-cover-template-feature-image-parallax-is-not-working-on-ios/ well i am glad to see this great thread. note: i used twentyseventeen for several years now - but i like to see that we can use the twentytwenty as well - and that twentytwenty also has got parallax-capabilities. Well - i really am a big big fan of Word press and the worldwide community of help and knowledge sharing and idea exchange. This is a great experience. thanks to you for all the things of you - have a great day. regards Martin
  8. hello dear all, i use WP for six years now. and i am very very happy. regarding the theme: At the moment i stick with twentyseventeen which is very nice. I like the parallax-effect. and i did not try the themes twentynineteen and twentytwenty. one question: do the themes twentynineteen and twentytwenty also have the so called parallax-effect!? Do they have parallax-capabilities!? this is very impressive: the question to me is: do the themes twentynineteen and twentytwenty also have the so called parallax-effect!? Do they have parallax-capabilities!? look forward to hear from you
  9. hi there some updates and a little comparison - between two Q&A-Systems: the two ones: vanilla-Forums and Question2Answer - here some data: a. https://github.com/vanilla/vanilla 29,184 commits 254 branches 0 packages 107 releases 117 contributors GPL-2.0 b, https://github.com/q2a/question2answer 1,291 commits 6 branches 0 packages 15 releases 20 contributors View license guess: vanillaforum looks like a bit more active and has got more active contributors. see more infos https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q%26A_software
  10. the topic to day: Free security audit tool for LAMP server? I've you are running websites on a dedicated LAMP server (eg. Ubuntu or some other systems) with several Drupal and Wordpress and probably Joomla-installations on it you probably thought of a security audit tool for this LAMP server? question; Is there a free tool, which could scan my server with all websites and generate automatic reports about discovered security vulnerabilities? thesis: Prevention is much much better than cure. therefore we need to start with the prevention-steps first. first: malicious hackers typically try to find vulnerabilities and security weaknesses on our WordPress websites. They use automated software and scripts to do these kind of jobs. We have the options to prevent them doing so. We can do steps to avoit the intrusion. step one: scan the website and detect possible old and vulnerable plugins, themes or WordPress core, or terrible brute force attack on the servers and additionally on the WordPress website The hacker try to find out weak and broken credentials (and yes: this is pretty important - we need to enforce strong password policies), step two: try to detect automated WordPress Security Scans: find out what goes on on the webserver. shed a light on the processes. example: an automated scanner can send thousands and thousands of HTTP requests. All of these mentioned requests are aimed only by one goal. They try to exploit known vulnerabilities in WordPress. - in a theme - in a plugin or somewehere elese - or hence due to bad bad passwords do other harm to the server or the sites. the above mentioned script can help here: we can use / or create a script that runs periodically - eg. daily weekly or so.. .we have to find out the best intervals or periods (well the good thing s that we can make use of some so called cron or some other mechanism), that would checksum all files, and compare the checksums with a previously stored record, then notify you if there are differences. With such security-steps we can try to protect the wordpress-sites and try to identify insecure WordPress defaults that could give them some leverage against the server or the website. conclusio: We need to find security weaknesses that could give the attackers some ideas and futher information to help them launch more sophisticated attack, among them are: - store malicious files on your system, - leftover files, - database exports - in other words - stolen data from the db and subsequently - disclosure of important and probably also sensitive information. so the question is: is there a free security audit tool for LAMP server - a tool that supports the detecting & getting notified of WordPress hack attempts look forward to a fruitful discussion regards
  11. hello dear Community, if it comes to mail sending which solutions to choose if you need to send mails to your customer: in eariler times i used Mail-Merge - in combination with TBird. is this still one of the best solutions: Mail Merge: how to create and Save or Send Multiple Individual and Personalized Messages from a Draft the latest version: Version 6.1.0 for Thunderbird 68: Mail Merge is fully compatible with Thunderbird 68. Please make sure to use version 6.1.0. Mail Merge is fully compatible with Thunderbird 60. Please make sure to use version 5.6.0. features: Create and Save or Send Multiple Individual and Personalized Messages from a Draft If you want to send a message to multiple recipients, there are a few common problems: 1) When you add the recipients in the To field, the recipients will see each other. (You can work around this problem by adding the recipients in the Bcc field.) 2) Most email providers limit the number of recipients in the To / Cc / Bcc field. (You can work around this problem by creating multiple messages.) 3) You cannot personalize the message. (You cannot work around this problem.) You can work around some of these problems, but especially the last problem cannot be solved without creating individual messages. Of course there are third party services, that help you to send newsletters; but you have to trust them. Mail Merge solves these problems by creating individual messages for each recipient from a draft message - locally on your computer without the need to trust third party services! https://addons.thunderbird.net/en-US/thunderbird/addon/mail-merge/ to compare it with the GMAIL-option: see the options we have there: How to send mass email with Gmail Open a new Google Doc and write your email. Open a Google Sheet (spreadsheet) Click on Add-ons and then Get add-ons. Search for Yet Another Mail Merge and download it for free: Back on the spreadsheet, select Add-ons > Yet Another Mail Merge > Start Mail Merge. How to send mass email with Gmail For this method, you will need to use both Gmail and Google Drive. cf: https://blog.sendinblue.com/how-to-send-a-mass-email-with-gmail/ question: How to send personalzed maiils to your customer - which tools do you use!? love to see a fruitful discussion
  12. hi there good day some words regarding the background: what is aimed: Are there any clones/alternatives for running a Stack Exchange style Q&A site? background: Stack Exchange pioneered a new category of website that has proven its usefulness beyond any doubt. The Source-Code is not open source; the Stack Exchange-Engine wont be released to the public: For Question and answer, knowledge sharing and idea exchange the world needs a top-quality open source alternative that works as well as (and, ideally) has a lot features. Since the source code for this site isn't available for public use. I'm looking for software that can run a Q&A environment similar to Stack Exchange. Are there any such pieces of software available? There are several third-party tools that try to clone at least some of the functionality here. Below there is a list with clones and "half finished clones that one didn't look very developed at all. I thought that we can collect the projects that are out there. If others think the project is fine, go ahead and put it back. Some are active - some are not: - note: i like the php-based that i have mentioned above... Askbot: http://askbot.org/en/questions/ Biostar: https://github.com/ialbert/biostar-central - Diango-Knowledge: https://github.com/zapier/django-knowledge LampCMS: http://www.lampcms.com/ Mamute: www.mamute.org Kliqqi-CMS: https://github.com/Kliqqi-CMS/Kliqqi-CMS/ question2answer: http://www.question2answer.org/ scoold: https://scoold.com/ Scoold is open source and works great as a Q&A, forum, knowledge base or customer support platform. Deployable on premises or to any cloud. talkyard: https://www.talkyard.io/ vanillaforums: https://vanillaforums.com/en/features/qna/ just add your ideas and thoughts... i look forward to a fruitful discussion regards unleas_it
  13. just to share with you - some results... i have set the featured image - but this was obviously tooo big and it was way too huge on my home page; I have a feature image on each page. But on the home page, the logo is huge and while on the rest it is fine. i have had a closer look at different pages of the forums - to find out what my problem is? first of all: The panel background images are set to “cover” the open area with any photo or graphic with the following default CSS code from the theme: .panel-image { background-position: center center; background-repeat: no-repeat; -webkit-background-size: cover; background-size: cover; position: relative; }.panel-image { background-position: center center; background-repeat: no-repeat; -webkit-background-size: cover; background-size: cover; position: relative; } and here what is very important: Basically any featured image we will apply to the page will be stretched to cover the area which is why the logo is oversized. If we are still wanting to use the logo in that spot, then we need to add some custom CSS to the Additional CSS tab in the customizer to target that specific post featured image. Example: if the ID of our page there is 390, so it would have to be: .post-390 .panel-image { background-size: auto; } we may also adjust the open space as well by adding a height such as: height: 40vh; Then our custom CSS would be something like: @media screen and (min-width: 48em) { .post-390 .panel-image {height: 40vh;} } all together our CSS would be: .post-390 .panel-image { background-size: auto; } @media screen and (min-width: 48em) { .post-390 .panel-image {height: 40vh;} } i did so - and it helped alot. At the moment i still struggle why i have one image (section) showing up two times.
  14. hello dear all, good day: i am looking for a Q&A environment similar to Stack Exchange. Are there any such pieces of software available? Since the source code (from Stack Exchange) isn't available for purchase or external use, I'm looking for software that can run a Q&A environment similar to Stack Exchange. Are there any such pieces of software available? i saw a corresponding thread here: https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2267/are-there-any-clones-alternatives-for-running-a-stack-exchange-style-qa-site see the PHP- based versions: Question2Answer cahoots phpancake LampCMS Coordino Q&A (Is a WordPress Plugin) Arrayshift Vanilla Forums see the question2answer - system and software: see full infos and a demo here https://www.question2answer.org/ look forward to hear from you Stack Exchange has released an updated, feature-complete version of the Stack Overflow engine which is now available for enterprise use. You can read more about that here The Stack Exchange engine is available for use (Note that this is different from Stack Overflow for Teams, which is a hosted solution.) But if that does not meet your needs, there are several third-party tools that try to clone at least some of the functionality here. Most active that look like the best bets
  15. Assign featured images to pages that are included in "Sections" hello dear Experts good day dear Wordpress-fans for the great twentyseventeen-theme. for a new Website I am making at the moment i am working out the design principles. i'm currently working on the Twenty-seventeen theme. I'm trying to make each "page" display as a section on my homepage. i guess that however I'm clearly missing a step. I've already gone into my settings (both from the dashboard and within the customizer) There is a section called featured products with images showing: Features Images. Currently I have to update these images manually through my front-page.php file I need a custom section in the customiser called something like featureImages - There would have to be 4 upload sections like: featureImage-a featureImage-b featureImage-c featureImage-d Generally speaking: The page selection is set within the Customizer under the so called Theme Options, which will only show when front page is set to static. So far so good: The output happens within the function twentyseventeen_front_page_section in the theme file template-tags.php, where each panel is queried individually with get_post, so it's not exactly a loop in the conventional sense. We are able to change the number of sections from the default 4 with the twentyseventeen_front_page_sections filter, which should return the number of desired sections. to access the values via code, we can use get_theme_mod, each panel is stored under the key panel_$i, where $i is the section number, starting at 1. The stored value is the ID of the page that were working on. That said - we subsequently can also update these values with set_theme_mod. I've seen this on some themes but I just don't know how they do it. I've tried searching for this but I don't really know how to put it into words for Google to give me a result. I apprentice any help or if you could point me in the right direction if this has been asked before The question is: How to assign the so called featured images to pages that are included in "Sections"? i have heard that the wordpress-customizer of the theme twentyseventeen has got a special control for file uploads. Well assuming that this is correct then i guess that i need to know how the theme customizer works exactly, I guess that i need to organize it like so: ` $wp_customize->add_control( new WP_Customize_Upload_Control( $wp_customize, 'wpse-all-the_images', array( 'label' => __( 'First image', 'wpse-allimages_theme' ), 'description' => __( 'More about first image', 'wpse-allimages_theme' ), 'section' => 'wpse-allimages__section_id', 'settings' => 'wpse-allimages__setting_id', ) ) );` with that we would be able to retrieve the image in the template with get_theme_mod('wpse-allimages'). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. i love to hear from you. regards
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