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  1. dear friends, can we run this osm-command in wordpress and then show the results in a. a table and furthermore b. a map see here the code that retrieves data - POI-data: ` [out:csv(::id,::type,::lon, ::lat, "name","addr:postcode","addr:city","addr:street","addr:housenumber","contact:website"," contact:email=*")][timeout:600]; nwr(around:10000,52.519664588, 13.407998368)["amenity"="hospital"]; out center; /* more areas..*/ nwr(around:10000,52.519664588, 13.407998368)["amenity"="schools"]; out center; nwr(around:10000,52.519664588, 13.407998368)["amenity"="ch
  2. .... here an example for an Overpass-API -request :: see the Hospitals in 10 Km distance to berlin - alexanderplatz . also: Berliner Aleanderplatz: DD COORDINATES; 52.519664588 13.407998368 DMS COORDINATES; 52°31'10.79" N 13°24'28.79" E see the dataset: [out:csv(::id,::type,::lon, ::lat, "name","addr:postcode","addr:city","addr:street","addr:housenumber","contact:website"," contact:email=*")][timeout:600]; nwr(around:10000,52.519664588 13.407998368)["amenity"="hospital"]; out center; @id @type @lon @lat name addr:postcode addr:c
  3. by the way iin openstreetmap-solutions it is like so: - to construct a query, that helps to get "hospitals" which is a special phrase according to this link Here's an example Overpass-API query that returns hospitals within a 10 Km radius of that location. [out:json][timeout:25]; nwr(around:10000,40.40,-79.93)["amenity"="hospital"]; out center; by the way: we could also compute a bounding box from the coordinate and restrict the search to that area, if that were more suitable for the certain goal.
  4. hello dear Barand first of all - glad to hear from you - this is a thing that "attracts especially you" - i thougth - and yes: i am glad to get feedback from you" One big table with column indicating the type of data (1=hospital, 2=bakery, 3=pharmacy, 4=grocery etc) plus a second table to store those types and type numbers. very good idea - well - it is a solution that could be done with openstreetmap instantly - it is a solution that delivers a distance Matrix to help users find nearby locations on an interactive ...in other words: a solution that - dis
  5. dear Community i have got a collection of four datasets: dataset 1; dataset 2; dataset 3; dataset 4 dataset-1 +-----------+-------+------------+-------+--------+------------------+----+------------+-------+--------------+ | id | @type | name | plz | city | addr:street | hn |addr:email |etc/etx| special-data | +-----------+-------+--------------------+---------------------------+----+------------+-------+--------------+ | 268915924 | node | clinic 1 | 12055 | Berlin | Zwiestädter Str. | 23 |=ZÄHLENWENN | | | | 268915972 |
  6. hello and good evening the question of the day_ kml-files to Wordpress: the integration of openstreetmap into the wordpress-framework i am working on the integration of several maps. i download them here: https://export.hotosm.org/ eg. as kml note here we have the following File Formats see each file format. GeoPackage .gpkg Shapefile .shp Garmin .img Google Earth .kml OSM .pbf MAPS.ME .mwm OsmAnd .obf MBTiles .mbtiles well which one is appropiate - which one to choose!? well finally i want to upload .kml files to WordPress. I
  7. topic of this post: complaints: wp_session_manager_start_session() and other errors too after having reworked on the server-hardware i set back the server live some weeks later. now i have errors see below. guess that this has to do with the newer releases... see the <strong>history of wp versions. </strong> 5.5.1 23. September 2020 zip 5.5 1. September 2020 zip 5.4-branch 5.4.2 2. August 2020 zip well i have running the version 5.4.2 see the errors and complaining site1: Fatal error: Uncaught Exc
  8. hello dear experts can i include this map in Wordpress: map: https://npgeo-corona-npgeo-de.hub.arcgis.com/datasets/348b643c8b234cdc8b1b345210975b87_0 data: https://npgeo-corona-npgeo-de.hub.arcgis.com/datasets/348b643c8b234cdc8b1b345210975b87_0/data note: i want to have both - the data and the map!? There is a huge database with approx 2, 8 k records. I want to have both the map and the database (for the retrieval) is this doable - how would you solve this task !? we have got several wordpress-plugins see the following examples: https://wor
  9. good day dear community, I've been working with healthcare in the past, but most of what I have seen is proprietary. I'm interested in reproducible research hence my need for open data. Any suggestions? see for example some ressources: https://npgeo-corona-npgeo-de.hub.arcgis.com/datasets/348b643c8b234cdc8b1b345210975b87_0 and the other ones: - Spain - healthsites: https://www.arcgis.com/home/webmap/viewer.html?layers=bf0250c3518149ce976439f5398fb79f - Africa OSM Health Facilities: 4.608 records :: Africa OSM Health Facilities https://hub.arcgis.com/datasets/nga
  10. dear community hello dear friends.. first of all - i hope that you are all right and everything goes well at your site! I hope that your hometown is dealing well with covid-19- the question of today: How can I export or query all euroean hospitals from Open Street Map by the way this can be regarded as a contribution to the COVID-19 response - fiding a list of all European Hospitals: Find all datasets available for download on COVID-19. how can we download data on hospital. - very important: i need the maps and (!!) the data like adress, webiste, location
  11. for a little (!) project i need to have the data (in DB ) and the maps- this request delivers the Map [timeout:600]; area["ISO3166-1"="BR"]->.brazil; area["ISO3166-1"="AR"]->.argentina; area["ISO3166-1"="VE"]->.venezuela; area["ISO3166-1"="PE"]->.peru; area["ISO3166-1"="CL"]->.chile; /* more areas..*/ ( nwr[amenity=hospital](area.brazil); nwr[amenity=hospital](area.argentina); nwr[amenity=hospital](area.venezuela); nwr[amenity=hospital](area.peru); nwr[amenity=hospital](area.chile); /* other queries... */ ); out center; this req
  12. hi there i am currently workin with the https://www.rapidee.com/en/environment-variables to digg all the things
  13. hello - i was able to add the system variable to the win environment. but i stuck with the work on the regedit!? can you advice here!?
  14. hello dear all, good day dear experts - good day dear Freaks first of all: i hope youre fine and all goes well at your site! i am using the wordpress_org page for interaction and idea exchange. so the thread of today is concerned about: XML or RSS-feed for plugin support on wordpress page: is there an API and a endpoint afaik the official Plugin support pages doesn’t provide any links for RSS feed. At least i did not find one link. i there a API or a endpoint that we can use here?! Can we add “feed” to the end of link to get RSS feed like this https://w
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