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Netbeans remote javascript debugging

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Hi PHP Freaks,

In my last post, you have known that I was studying PHP, i have reached the part of the book im reading for Javascript and I am very happy with all the things I have learned so far. However, I do need help in my remote debugging for java scripts.


Laptop - Where netbeans is installed.

Ubuntu Webserver - is where the project is located, this is running on a VirtualBox VM.


The project is deployed n the Ubuntu Webserver and everytime i run debug or start the project from Ubuntu Webserver a directory sync will start from my laptop to the ubuntu webserver. I was able to successfully configured PHP remote debugging with Netbeans and now I need it for javascript.

I was redirected to a Chrome plugin named "Netbeans Connector", I have already configured my Netbeans project to use Chromium with Netbeans Connector (See attached), but when i ran the project, i get a "Browser refused to debug this tab". I actually prefer if all my development tools will be on one IDE environment rather than jumping around with other tools to achieve the same thing.

Can anyone help me configuring my Netbeans do remote debugging for a project located on my Ubuntu Webserver? Any help is appreciated.

Screenshot from 2019-09-22 14-56-10.png

Screenshot from 2019-09-22 14-58-00.png

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