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SOAP Server - Multiple functions


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've create a SOAP Server using the PHP Soap functions. It has 3 functions in it and is initialised as follows;

// Initialise the SOAP Server 
$opts = Array();
$server = new SoapServer('SOTBWSDL.wsdl', $opts);

There are then 3 Functions as defined with the code in for each .

I have created a test client which makes the call as;

$client = new SoapClient('http://xxxxxxxxx/SOTBWSDL.wsdl',array('trace'=>1,'exceptions=>1'));
$res   = $client->getAvailability($xmlparams);

This works and returns data as expected.

However - if I try the call as

$res   = $client->putReservation($xmlparams);   (To another function) 

it is the first function (get Availability) that is executed.

Question 1: Are separate Functions ok to use - -or do they need to be in a Class?

Question 2: No Errors are thrown regarding the WSDL so I presume this must be ok ....

What reasons could cause this? Any help greatfully received.


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