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New Project - Coder required

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Dear all,

I am currently developing a project which requires a PHP'er (MySQL) I am willing to pay but the work must be bulletproof.

Here are the basics: (very little mission creep, but additions will be paid for and ideas accepted)

1. Register Page

2. Account / Login page with all the normal stuff, lost password etc.

3. Add users (up to five) emails ( or more if it's not a huge issue)

4. Admin Page for updating lost passwords, checking details

5. Seperate login for third party (Can read only, not edit)

Basically this is an inspections page, the account holder can update when something has been inspected (enter a date either manually or by clicking a popup calendar?). It will use a traffic light system, when a date has expired show red, when an expiry date is approaching, show amber, when an inspection has been completed show green.

If a date is red or amber, all users in that account recieve an email (template) informing them to check something.


As Admin.

1. We should be able to adjust the timescales if they change ( ie: change 6 months to 3 months)

2. Update users (all the normal stuff) change/update password.

3. Be able to add third party users.


As Third party:

1. A third party can register and be authorised by admin, to enter the pages of each user and view only.


This is the basic, there's not much graphics wise.

If you are interested please contact me for a chat. ( A confidentiality agreement contract will be in place before any work commences)

Payment will be made on the above, with additional servicing or additional work (bolt ons) paid for as and when required.  I will consider profit share if this interests you.

Many thanks people.







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