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Form submit problem.

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As you can tell from my recent outbreak of posting for newbie help, I am learning MySQL. I am now having trouble with a signup form and the process script. Here they are:





print \"<BR><BR><BR>\";

print \"<h1>Test for MySQL Tables</h1>\";

print \"<BR><BR><BR>\";

print \'<form action=\"signup_process.php\" method=\"post\">\';

print \'Desired Username: <input type=\"text\" name=\"username\" maxlength=20><BR>\';

print \'Desired Password: <input type=\"password\" name=\"password\" maxlength=20><BR>\';

print \'First Name: <input type=\"text\" name=\"f_name\" maxlength=25><BR>\';

print \'Last Name: <input type=\"text\" name=\"l_name\" maxlength=25><BR>\';

print \'Email Address: <input type=\"text\" name=\"email\" maxlength=\"60\"><BR>\';

print \'Age: <input type=\"text\" name=\"age\" maxlength=\"3\"><BR>\';

print \'Gender: Male<input type=\"radio\" name=\"male\" value=\"male\"> Female<input type=\"radio\" name=\"female\" value=\"female\"><BR>\';

print \'<input type=\"submit\" value=\"Finish signup!\">\';






$dbuser = \"random\";

$dbpass = \"random\";

$dbname = \"random\";

$_POST[\'username\'] = $uname;

$_POST[\'password\'] = $pword;

$_POST[\'f_name\'] = $fname;

$_POST[\'$l_name\'] = $lname;

$_POST[\'email\'] = $email;

$_POST[\'age\'] = $age;

$_POST[\'gender\'] = $gender;


if (empty($_POST[\'username\']) || ($_POST[\'password\']) || ($_POST[\'f_name\']) || ($_POST[\'l_name\']) || ($_POST[\'email\']) || ($_POST[\'age\']) || ($_POST[\'gender\'])) {

print \"Please fill in all of the required fields!\";


}else {


$link = mysql_connect(\"localhost\", $dbuser, $dbpass) or die (\"Database Error: Couldn\'t Connect!\");


mysql_select_db($dbname, $link) or die (\"Couldn\'t open $db!\");


$query = \"INSERT INTO user_info (username, password, f_name, l_name, email, age, gender)

values( \'$uname\', \'$pword\', \'$fname\', \'$lname\', \'$email\', \'$age\', \'$gender\' )\";


mysql_query($query, $link) or die (\"Couldn\'t input data!\");









After I hit the submit button and process the form, no errors come up, so I goto my PuTTY box and get onto my database, select the columns, and they just added blank lines to it, no information what-so-ever. Help please.

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hmm your code looks fine, do a couple of echos to make sure you are getting the information from the form.



$_POST[\'$l_name\'] = $lname;



I\'m guessing here that the $ is a mistake but even so it shouldn\'t effect the rest of your variables.

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It was because the variables and the $_POST variables need to be switched...


ex. $fname = $_POST[\'f_name\'];


:P thnx anyways

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