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Legacy code base include issue

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Hi y'all.

I just inherited a legacy system that is in mid-rebuild but needs to be tended until it can be completely phased out and have run into an issue I can't remember how to deal with. The file system is as such:


In the 'm' directory I have many files that use require_once as so:

require_once "m/another_file.php";

The problem is that none of them have a $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] or even a __DIR__ to start the path, so I'm blowing up with errors. I know this code works as it's currently in production, but I can't remember for the life of me what php.ini or .htaccess setting needs to be set to make it viable. My coworker swears he didn't have to do any magic to make it work on his system. Anybody old enough to remember?

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Apparently the php.ini included in the repo was incorrect and the include_path had to be updated.

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