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Flash and Mysql

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Im have a database with the following tables


Area Affected

Area Code

Time Started

Time Resolved




I need to display the data held in these fields in flash format , im new to this so i have no expierence with flash


for example


Area Affected---- Area Code---- Time Started---- Time Resolved---- Status




in flash format , so i can update the database and it will change the flash picture


any help would be apretiated






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if you are trying to pass some data into flash then you could just provide it to flash via the url in your object and embed tags here is a small example of what I am talking about


<param name="movie" value="moviename.swf?areaaff=london&areacode=0208">


<embed src="moviename.swf?areaaff=london&areacode=0208"


of course you will have to write some action script in your flash file to handle the var's. I'm sure you can find a tutorial out there somewhere that explains how this is done

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