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Python: adding code from another file into a library

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Hey everyone,

I’m pretty new to python, but have done a lot of coding with php and JavaScript.


here is what I am hoping to do.

i want to write a script that will do the following:

1. scan sub directory make an array with the names of each of the files

2. iterate through the files using the array, and make either a object, or a function using the file name (without the extension) as the name, and the contents for the code

3. Run the function/create object that were just created, and with known variables

I’m pretty sure I can figure out step one and three. It’s step two that’s giving me problems. I tried using the open() function, and eval(), but it’s giving me some problems, and that feels like a ‘janky’ way to do it.

this is for a raspberry Pi project I’m using to control the equipment on my fish tank. The idea is I can write code for each sensor individually, and the program will automatically be able to incorporate it. I’d just have to drop it into the folder 


any suggestions?

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