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Mod Rewrite Help

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Hi, i'm useless at regular expressions and having trouble implement mod_rewrite to make my site search engine friendly. The url I want to rewrite is:






/products/[a-zA-Z0-9-/]*/([0-9]+)$/? (something like this - i've read alot of tutorials but can't get my head around it)




/products/cat-1/subcat-1/subcat-2/12/ or

/products/cat-1/subcat-1/subcat-2/12 (with or without the ending slash) or

/products/cat-1/subcat-1/subcat-2/12/1 (including the page number - again with or without the ending slash)


note: the 12 is the category_id and the 1 is the page








/products/cat-1/subcat-1/subcat-2/product-name/19 (again with or without the ending slash)


note: the 19 is the product_id.


Would appreciate it if someone could help. Thanks

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