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Crypto Market Order functions That Create and Cancel Order with Php and javascript


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Hi everyone. I'm very new into self learning programming. Presently I'm trying to develop a simple basic Robot that would only Place a Market Order every seconds and it will cancel the Order every followed seconds. Using the following library:

It would place Trade Order at a ( Price = ex.com api * Binance api Aggregate Trades Price)

I have already wrote the api to call for xe.com exchange rate with php 


$auth = base64_encode("username:password");
$context = stream_context_create([
    "http" => [
        "header" => "Authorization: Basic $auth"
$homepage = file_get_contents("https://xecdapi.xe.com/v1/convert_from?to=NGN&amount=1.195", false, $context );
$json = json_decode($homepage, TRUE);
foreach ($json as $k=>$to){
    echo $k; // etc


And also for the Binance Aggregate Price in JavaScript


var burl = "https://api3.binance.com";

var query = '/api/v3/aggTrades'; 

query += '?symbol=BTCUSDT';

var url = burl + query;

var ourRequest = new XMLHttpRequest();

ourRequest.onload = function(){

  My problem  is how to handle these two api responds  and also the functions to use them to place a trade and cancel it.
Please help me out. Thanks in advance on any help.

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This pretty interesting, not going to lie. I'm too technically impaired to understand what's happening in the source code, but I still understand some things about the crypto market. I use tools to help me nevigate through what's happening, like investous is my favorite right now cause it's the one that lets me best understand the way the whole stuff works. I'm pretty happy with the few hudred bucks I was able to make on my own, cause my kids laughed at me when I told them about me starting in crypto. Guess I can laugh at them now, cause I made more than they ever did by investing, haha.

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