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Php MySQL Calendar with a Twist


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Hi Guys, first time poster, so I hope I have it in the right category.

I've used a program called Training Peaks for years, great program and it does cost a few $$'s. I'm also going through the Php MySQL learning curve and thought why not build something basic that I could use rather than TP.

I've been dabbling with php/mysql for a few years, nothing serious and have been looking at a few core calendar codes like Ajax, Lavarel and one built on html5. I was curious with your knowledge what might be the best way to look at this project (attachment).

In a nut shell the option to create a session (training session) it this case, it for Triathlon (swim, bike & run) ability to set a session time, date, distance and maybe some notes. TP has a lot more data that feeds from Garmin data, that's a bit over my head at the moment, so ignore TSS IF's etc

The attachment is the calendar in the back ground with the individual session open, again a lot more data there than what I need.

Google calendar was an option, but why not make it fun and learn something!

Thanks in advance.



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