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Different hmac hash when converting python to php


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Im trying to convert a Python script to PHP and I have trouble getting the same hmac hash values (hmac_signature).

Python script:

import hashlib
import hmac
import json
#Pre shared secret key
secret = "cd01985/813hip914Vnn04&1#11ai761"
#The message I will send
message = {"user_id": "Frank", "query": "Dog"}
#Output message: {'user_id': 'Frank', 'query': 'Dog'}
#Encode the secret using UTF-8
secret_encoded = secret.encode('utf-8')
#Output secret_encoded: b'cd01985/813hip914Vnn04&1#11ai761'
#Dump dict to string and encode using UTF-8
message_encoded = json.dumps(message).encode('utf-8')
#Output messag_encoded: ab742454c0158c3ec8d8c9c8965381567d45bee77e6f8d9aacb2239587285f87
#Compute the HMAC hash and convert to string of hex chars
hmac = hmac.new(secret_encoded, message_encoded, hashlib.sha256)
#Output hmac: <hmac.HMAC object at 0x000001E05BE4BE50>
hmac_signature = hmac.hexdigest()
#Output hmac_signature: ab742454c0158c3ec8d8c9c8965381567d45bee77e6f8d9aacb2239587285f87


	//Pre shared secret key
	$secret = "cd01985/813hip914Vnn04&1#11ai761";
	//The message I will send
	$message = array(
	//Output $message: Array ( [user_id] => Frank [query] => Dog )
	//Encode the secret using UTF-8
	$secret_encoded = utf8_encode($secret);
	//Output $secret_encoded: cd01985/813hip914Vnn04&1#11ai761
	//Dump dict to string and encode using UTF-8
	$message_encoded = json_encode($message);
	//Output $message_encoded: {"user_id":"Frank","query":"Dog"}
	$message_encoded = utf8_encode($message_encoded);
	//Output $message_encoded: {"user_id":"Frank","query":"Dog"}
	//Compute the HMAC hash and convert to string of hex chars
	$hmac_signature = hash_hmac('sha256', $message_encoded, $secret, false);
	//Output $hmac_signature: e4fd77b03cd58b174c3f6f0ad52a484386280289127f5fa7251df1686c3fb582

Do anyone know what im doing wrong?

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